Exhibition of the ϳԹ at the 
Ioannis Makriyannis Wing

Curator: Sylvie Dumont



The ϳԹ and the Excavations of the Athenian Agora are organizing the exhibition entitled "Vrysaki: The Revival of a Neighborhood through the Archives of the ϳԹ," curated by Sylvie Dumont.

A large part of this neighborhood, where the archaeological site of the ancient Agora now stands, was expropriated to conduct excavations aimed at uncovering the civic center of the world’s first democracy and the commercial marketplace of the ancient city.

The exhibition, designed by the team of Mikri Arktos (Vivi Gerolymatou and Andreas Georgiadis), highlights the important role of archival collections in our understanding of "Old Athens" in general, and the neighborhood known as Vrysaki more specifically. 

Vrysaki and its history is revived through six thematic sections before and after the excavations of the American School in 1931, from Ottoman times to the period after the Second World War. The form and architecture of its buildings, streets, squares, bridges, churches, scenes of daily life, refugee facilities and archaeological excavations are presented. The exhibits will include architectural elements of the houses that were demolished, archaeological finds from the excavations, objects from the daily life of the inhabitants, some of which were also used to store the antiquities (such as shoe and cigarette boxes, and tins) and will be accompanied by audiovisual material.

The exhibition will be held at the exhibition space of the American School, the Ioannis Makriyannis Wing, from June 18 to August 3 and from September 4 to November 17, 2024. Various events, including lectures, and other activities are being planned.

Exhibition Sponsor

With the support of

McCabe Family
Zoë Sarbanes Pappas 

Exhibition duration:

June 18 – August 3 and September 4 – November 17, 2024

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00, Thursday: 12:00 – 20:00

Guided tours:
For June and July, Thursdays at 6.30pm and Sundays at 12 noon

Guided tours for families with children: 
Saturday 22/6, 6/7 and 20/7 at 12:00 pm
For reservations: steinmetz-athens@ascsa.edu.gr

Organized group tours:
Available upon request. For reservations: imantzavinou.admin@ascsa.edu.gr 

Exhibition opening: 
June 18, 7pm
Cotsen Hall, 9 Anapiron Polemou street


Welcome and Introduction: Bonna D. Wescoat, Director of the School

The Exhibition: Sylvie Dumont, Curator of the Exhibition

Lecture: “The Incidental Archaeology of Greek Modernity in the Athenian Agora,” Kostis Kourelis, Franklin and Marshall College.

8 – 10pm

Exhibition open to the public, Makriyannis Wing

Free admission

ϳԹ at the
Ioannis Makriyannis Wing
Soudias 61, 106 76 Kolonaki